:: Vision At The Mount ::

To unite men, women, boys, and girls by cultivating a strong personal relationship with Christ;  working together to serve God, our families, and our communities for the betterment of mankind;  garner a mutual respect and love for one another’s gifts which will ultimately form an unstoppable ministry to win souls for Christ.

:: Mission Statement ::

To attract and win members, develop them to Christ-like Maturity, and empower them for a meaningful ministry in the Church, and a life mission in the world in order to Magnify God.

:: Our Business ::

Developing effective lives for God’s glory, Ephesians 4:11-16.

:: Our Product ::

Changed Lives.

:: Our Church ::

 Mt. Hermon’s Eventful Past
The history of Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church could fill numerous volumes.  Founded during the Depression Days, the church has endured throughout eight decades of sweeping and even cataclysmic changes in American society.  Reverend Thomas W. Brown was Mt. Hermon’s founding pastor.  His contemporaries namely; Reverend B. T. Tucker, Reverend George W. Arnold and Reverend Shellie R. Doughty through their commitment to forthright preaching and systematic teaching of the whole counsel of God’s Word remains a hallmark of the church’s ministry. As the community grew and developed, so did Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church.  Over the years, the congregation worshiped at two different sites. Today, we are currently at our third location on Sunbury Road, “All Praises to God!” Yes, we have an eventful past, but the purpose of this missive is not to chronicle what has been; rather, it is to concentrate on what is now and what will be as we live in obedience to God. We cannot rest on the laurels of past achievements and advancements.  Our responsibility is to seize the great opportunity before us and redeem the time God has given us today.

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