The Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church has over 30 ministries within our walls.  We offer various performing arts programs, five different choirs to accommodate our members, and several community outreach programs to not only serve the community around us, but the people who populate it, member or nonmember.

Re-Entry ProgramDeaconDeaconess

Anointed Sisters



Youth Church


Nurses Corp

Golden Circle

Jr. Ushers

Adult UshersSenior UshersGuild Girls

Food Pantry

MBK Media

Heritage Choir

Sanctuary Choir

Joshua Choir

Love Choir

Voices of Thunder

Unspoken Praise Adult Mimes

Order My Steps Teen MimesOrder My Steps Baby MimesAngelic Youth Dancers

Radicals for Christ (Hip Hop)

Reflections of Praise Adult Dancers

God’s Chosen Few Step Team

Vessels of Clay Teen Dancers

Senior Mimes

Drama Ministry