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 Mt. Hermon’s Eventful Past

The history of Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church could fill numerous volumes.  Founded during the Depression Days, the church has endured throughout eight decades of sweeping and even cataclysmic changes in American society.  Reverend Thomas W. Brown was Mt. Hermon’s founding pastor.  His contemporaries namely; Reverend B. T. Tucker, Reverend George W. Arnold and Reverend Shellie R. Doughty through their commitment to forthright preaching and systematic teaching of the whole counsel of God’s Word remains a hallmark of the church’s ministry. As the community grew and developed, so did Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church.  Over the years, the congregation worshiped at two different sites. Today, we are currently at our third location on Sunbury Road, “All Praises to God!” Yes, we have an eventful past, but the purpose of this missive is not to chronicle what has been; rather, it is to concentrate on what is now and what will be as we live in obedience to God. We cannot rest on the laurels of past achievements and advancements.  Our responsibility is to seize the great opportunity before us and redeem the time God has given us today.

 Mt. Hermon’s Energetic Present 

The energy which empowers Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church is the spiritual dynamics of exaltation, edification and evangelism.  We are a body of believers devoted to three priorities:  Exalting the Lord Jesus Christ, Edifying the saints, and Evangelizing the lost.  The evidence is shown in every worship service, every Sunday school class, every prayer meeting/bible study and every time the gospel is shared by a member of this congregation.

Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church can be described in three ways:  Active…Exciting…and Crowded! 

In recent years we have been bursting at the seams because of our numerical growth.  It is painfully obvious that our sanctuary is at capacity and will not accommodate more than we are literally squeezing in at the present time.  We praise God for the hundreds of people who have been added to the Kingdom in recent years. We thank Him for the numerous new ministries which have been launched and the lives touched by the church’s outreach.
However, with the influx of new individuals and families, Mt. Hermon Baptist Church must meet the demands of the coming generations.  Due to the addition of A+ Arts Academy, our present facility is stretched to the maximum, well beyond capacity in some cases.  We are severely overcrowded, and the two obvious factors are: God is blessing, and we are out of space! Every age group in the church is being affected by the space crunch. Adults and children alike are feeling the pressure of limited facilities  Our choir is now limited to 90 members because of the current choir loft capacity.  Our nursery is wall-to-wall kids with more on the way!  Our fellowship area is not sufficient for the present congregation, much less a larger one.  Our lobby does not accommodate the welcome area we need for our many visitors.  We are “maxed out”  everywhere, and if we are to move “Faith Forward” to an even greater ministry, we simply must plan for the future!

 Mt. Hermon’s Exciting Potential

What will tomorrow be like for Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church?  Where are we headed?  The answer, ultimately, is dependent on the grace of God.  But Mt. Hermon’s future is dependent on our obedience to the Lord.  Our faithfulness in service and stewardship today will make a lasting impact on the church’s ministry tomorrow.
With our present conditions, not to mention projected needs, there is only one viable solution: we must plan for future expansion.  Every day were are reaching out to new people in all levels of our community.  We must be prepared with the facilities to accommodate growth.

“God’s Promise…Our Possession” was the theme of the ambitious project to build our new worship center on Sunbury Road.  This was a bold thrust which tested our determination and our discipline.  But can you envision the finished project and the results of our endeavor?  Down the aisle of our beautiful new sanctuary souls will come to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.  In the baptistery of the main sanctuary lives will be dedicated to His service.  From the altar of the sanctuary missionaries will be sent forth to make disciples here and around the globe.  From the choir loft of this sanctuary praises will rise up to our great God.  From future studios in this building the gospel will be broadcast to a hurting and confused world. In the classrooms of this entire complex every member of every family will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Can you see it?  Will you take on the challenge and do your part during the building years to come? Will you determine to be a good and faithful servant of the Lord Jesus?  

The only way we can succeed is through teamwork.  Together we can build for the future. Together we can reach out to evangelize our community.  Together we can experience the power of united prayer.  Together we can enjoy the fruit of faithful service.
Like Nehemiah and his co-workers who built the wall around Jerusalem, we must commit ourselves wholeheartedly to the task.  As they devoted themselves and their resources to accomplish a great project, so must we.  We should give out of hearts filled with gratitude to God, for everything we have is a gift of His grace.  After all, we are not owners, but stewards of the resources God has entrusted to our care.
Through the “Faith Forward” campaign, every New Mt. Hermon Family will be called on to make a sacrificial commitment above and beyond regular offerings over a three-year period. No one at any point will be told how much to give, nor will anyone be coerced to give.  Our desire is for each person to be obedient to God as He leads.
Not everyone can give the same.  But we can be equal in our spirit of sacrifice.  In dollar measurements, we must have commitments both small and large.

In fact, we will need some very substantial individual gifts in an effort to reduce the debt in our current location.

Each member of the Mt. Hermon Family is encouraged to make this project a matter of prayer.  Pray for the pastor, the staff, the steering committee, and all the professionals involved in preparing the plans.  There are so many important decisions to be made, and wisdom is needed.  Pray earnestly that God will reveal to you what He wants you to do in fulfilling your role as Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church moves in “Faith Forward”.
One of the great blessings of the way in which the “God’s Promise…Our Possession” campaign in the past was designed, is that we would save thousands of dollars in interest.  For this reason, it is imperative that we give sacrificially to prove we are wise stewards. How can we reach such a formidable goal?  Do we really have the resources available?  The average annual household income in our church is approximately $34,000.  If each of the 700 households, who make up the Mt. Hermon Family, would give just one tenth of their gross annual income we would receive more the 2.4 million in just one year.  True commitment to God is expressed through generous giving.  The Word tells us that “God loves a cheerful giver.”  Many in the Mt. Hermon Family will undoubtedly desire to give far beyond their tithe.  But if everyone participates, we can share the joy of a great faith.  We have the resources, the question remains:  Will we obey God and give faithfully to meet the challenges head-on?  Through wise stewardship we can move “Faith Forward”, we can witness God’s power in an unmistakable way.  The success future building plans requires a never-give-up attitude.  Like the builders of the  wall in Nehemiah’s day, we will encounter obstacles, but they must not be allowed to detour us.  Wherever there is great opportunity, there is great opposition.  The challenge before Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church is to keep pressing toward to mark, knowing that our labor in the Lord is not in vain.          We will reap eternal rewards.